Broadcast Journalism

Cliches and Redundancies and Euphemisms - Part 3

Real people in real conversations rarely use as many hackneyed phras­es as journalists do in their scripts or in print. In this, the last installment of Jeff Rowe’s series on Euphemisms, Clichés and Redundancies, see how many clichés you can find in this one-act play called:

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Cliches, Redundancies, and Euphemisms

Cliches sap the life out of a story just like a whiff of sewage can ruin a supper party. Unfortunately, broadcast, web and print news writing is soaked with cliches. We have a profusion of raging brushfires, heavy winds and tragic accidents.

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Musings on The Elements of Journalism

While reading The Elements of Journalism written by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel, I stumbled across many pressures journalists face, important and useful tidbits, and finally, some realizations and new ways of thinking.

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Writing Scripts for Broadcast News

As a follow up to the article last spring regarding the EZNews Newscast Production System, School Video News has asked us to create a series of articles related to frequently asked questions regarding newscast productions.  This month, we’ll visit the topic of script writing for a teleprompter.

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